Battling the “C” word. Cancer…one word can change everything. Plans for tomorrow, plans for next week, next month, next year. Will I even be here next year you might think.

What to tell those you love. What to tell co-workers. What to tell yourself.

And what to ask God. WHY ME? That is the most common question. Anger, bitterness, fear.

They will come in waves in such a situation. This was a surprise you never hoped for.

God’s still in control

He is not surprised though. He has not been caught unaware by your diagnosis. He is not fearful or fretful about the outcome.

Go ahead and ask your questions. Cry, scream and yell at Him. God can handle your emotions. He understands your doubt in this moment.

You are human. You cannot see the future like He can. You have to trust.

God’s Plan

I do not understand how cancer could be part of God’s plan. And yet I have witnessed incredible faith in the face of this foe.

Friends and family who have persevered and not wavered in their trust of God.

I have seen their faith draw others to Jesus’ side. I’ve seen it restore families.

I know this suffering is not in vain.

Perhaps the plan of the enemy

I’m not so sure it is God’s plan. Perhaps, instead, it is a result of living in a sin-sick world.

One where the enemy of our souls hopes that by hitting us with this illness, he will cause us to stumble in our faith.

To lose hope. To denounce our Savior. Make us ineffective for the kingdom.

He is after all here to “steal, kill and destroy“. What better way to do it?

Choose Faith

You cannot see the hills God is ready to help you climb. Maybe because you are immobile in the valley. You fear you will never get out.

Choose to trust what you cannot see. Jesus has you under the shelter of His wings. He holds every tear you have cried or ever will cry.

He will carry you when you cannot stand. Therefore, do not give up. Do not quit trusting.

Battling the “C” word is not something you put on your “to-do” list. This is obviously not the plan you would have chosen, however God will work this for your good. His word promises that.

Ammie Senn