Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs) 7:6 – How beautiful you are and how pleasing, my love, with your delights!

Intimate love between a husband and wife was made to be divine! This chapter of the Bible is not one taught on very often. I think people read it and quite honestly are a bit shocked by it. Talk of very intimate kissing and body parts makes many blush. Yet, there should be no shame in any of it…God wants us to enjoy our husband or wife in our marriage. It keeps us close both on physical and mental levels which is necessary to keep our marriages strong. The Bible would not have a whole chapter devoted to this kind of love if it was not important.

You might be thinking, “Well, yeah, but there are kids to tend do, laundry, car pools, jobs, etc….” We let the busy get in the way of getting busy if you get my drift!  

Think back to when you were dating…you put on special outfits…took extra pains with your makeup, your clothes, what perfume or cologne to wear…you went all out right?

I have found that the best marriages never stop dating! Both partners make time to have date night or special times together away from the kids and the chaos that is part of being a family. By taking time to renew and refresh themselves with one another they are able to parent better and work better…they L.O.V.E. better!

So if you have been neglecting the love of your youth…Valentine’s is just 8 days away…you still have time to make this one a special one! 

Ammie Black