Operating in Faith walking in God’s Calling

Word of the Year

My chosen phrase for 2020 is “operating in faith”, to begin walking in God’s calling for me. I have verbalized God’s calling easily to others yet haven’t moved as much as I needed to act this out. As I prayed over what my word of the year should be, I felt Him impressing this phrase on my heart over and over.

Working on 2020 plans I began to think how the word “go” is tied to that. When you think about the word go, it implies action. The word begs for forward motion. And as you move momentum builds.

So if I say I feel God’s calling to go and yet remain still, how can I expect God to grant me more when I cannot handle what I have?

Walking in God’s Calling

His word speaks to this in Luke 12:48. To paraphrase, those who have been given little will be entrusted with little and those who have been given much will be entrusted with much more.

To be given more in terms of growing my blog, growing a ministry, and more importantly growing my relationship with Jesus, then I have to go.

I knew I wanted more from life this year. I knew God wanted more both from me and for me.

That last part is critically important. God is FOR me.

Operating in Faith – His love and will

Consider Ephesians 2:4 – “But God, who is rich in mercy, because of his great love that he had for us,”.

Or 2 Samuel 23:5. David on his death bed declares the goodness of the Lord. That He alone orders our steps, keeps covenant with us and brings about our salvation and desires.

Desires according to His will for us. What we want needs to line up with what God wants.

The goal is not to go more so I get more. God isn’t an ATM.

His calling makes me move

To succeed in God’s calling for me I have to GO! My answer to Him requires action from me.

But it can be hard and scary to go where we haven’t gone before.

Therefore my phrase for the year, “operating in faith” fits well. My going requires faith that He has my back. And God’s calling will always be backed by His word.

Operating in Faith walking in God's calling

Action Plan for 2020

There are 5 areas I feel God calling me to grow and go deeper with Him. As a result, in 2020 I have committed to “GO” in further in my relationship with Jesus:

  1. By leading more confidently in my women’s group.
  2. By reading specifically selected scripture and devotional to gain more knowledge of Him.
  3. By learning specific blogging tools to expand my ministry.
  4. By praying specific, detailed prayers.
  5. By being mindful of my words with my husband.

I’ll be detailing the how and why of my “GO” action plans to answer God’s calling in 2020 over the next month. My prayer is they will inspire and motivate you to “ GO” with God too!



Let us be encouraged and empowered by your Holy Spirit to “GO” in the direction you have chosen for each of us in 2020. Give us wisdom to learn what is needed to live out our calling. Let us not fear or put off your instruction and will for us. Don’t let us be like Jonah. Fill us with a boldness to bring the gospel into every aspect of life and to do so with humbleness. Amen.

5 Tips for Setting Successful Goals

Goalsetting pin

Many people set new goals for the new year, which is practically upon us. I like to think of and set goals in smaller segments throughout the year though. It’s a lot less daunting. And a lot easier to meet when approached with a well thought out plan. 

Additionally, those smaller goals can actually help you achieve the larger ones you are striving for.

Here are 5 tips for goal setting that I have found helpful:

  1. Determine your why. What is your purpose in achieving the goal? What do you seek to accomplish?
  2. Divide and conquer. For long-term goals or large projects, dividing into smaller sub-sections helps you achieve progress at intervals. This can keep you motivated to continue and follow through to the end!
  3. Make them actionable. What are the actual steps you will take to meet the goals? How will you plan your time in order to ensure they get done?
  4. Have deadlines. Create an outline of all the steps and write daily to-do’s on your calendar of each step. Make appointments with yourself so you stay on track.
  5. Give yourself grace. If you miss a step or a deadline, don’t give up! Allow yourself wiggle room for unexpected things to interrupt your progress.  LIFE HAPPENS!

Here are 5 Bible verses that can help you focus with goal setting:

  1. Proverbs 13:16
  2. Proverbs 21:5
  3. Hebrews 10:35-36
  4. 2 Chronicles 15:7
  5. Psalm 20:4
    1. (Psst, this one’s my favorite!)