Ammie’s Heart is me…I’m Ammie Black and I am passionate about motivating, encouraging and inspiring women to live life God-centered.  All of our life experiences have the potential to pull at our “heartstrings”. My prayer is that God speaks through Ammie’s Heart to bring you encouragement, comfort and hope.

The woman behind Ammie’s Heart

I’m a Jesus Freak, poodle mom, and wife. To be more Christlike is my goal, and I am so thankful for God’s grace because I fail daily. My husband of 21+ years and our “furbabies”, Keegan and Laile have my heart.

Born and raised in Georgia, I moved with my husband to southern Indiana where we resided for two years before deciding there was nothing “southern” about our location!  We had always talked of moving to Florida, so in 2009, we made that dream a reality. 

My Why

I love teaching and training individuals to reach the potential of who they are in Christ. I have served with various women’s ministries as a trainer, team leader and guest blogger. 

A few years ago, God put a yearning in my heart, a calling to serve women on a larger scale. God intends for us to be in community with each other and it is my prayer this will be a safe place for you to land when life is hard. I’m so glad to be on this Jesus journey with you! This is Ammie’s Heart.