A lot of people do “best of” lists this time of year. Best new artists they heard. Best songs of the year. Best TV shows. And of course, best books.

Usually these lists are comprised of books that came out the same year as the list is being published. I thought I would make my “Best of” list though simply of the books I read this year that I just couldn’t put down.

You know the kind. The ones you stay up way late reading, saying to yourself “Just one more chapter”…and before you know it, the clock alarm is ready to go off for you to get up for the next day!

Most of the books I read fall into two categories. Either Christian devotional or growth type books or nonfiction. I do read some fiction however, I am super selective.

I guess I’m kind of a book snob in some ways. I just like what I like!

For better or worse, here is my “Best Books I Read in 2018” list:

1)  Fierce Marriage by Ryan & Selena Frederick – In full disclosure, I did receive this book free as part of their book launch, however, I would have purchased it and read it anyway, as I follow their blog, podcasts, etc. If you want insight into how men and women tick and how to fight well for your marriage through all kinds of obstacles…this book is it! Poignant, funny, relatable and most importantly Biblical!

2)  Spiritual Warfare for Women by Leighann McCoy – This book was recommended by a ministry friend of mine and we actually utilized it in a group study together over the summer. Buckle up before reading this…meaning – Get. On. Your. Knees. Fervent prayer is a must when studying spiritual warfare…I’ll write more another time about my experience with this book and the subject.

3)  Loving Your Spouse When You feel Like Walking Away by Dr. Gary Chapman – Again, full disclosure…another free book. Dr. Chapman is well known Christian author and pastor whose niche is human relationships, especially marital ones. This book looks at dysfunctional dynamics of varying types including verbal and physical abuse, depression and unfaithfulness from his counselor’s lens. Providing useful and impactful scripture based advice on how to handle spouse tension and dysfunction, this book is a great read for any married or soon to be married person.
4)  Kingdom Woman by Tony Evans and Chrystal Evans Hurst – I am a huge fan of anything Dr. Tony Evans’ family does. They are such wonderful examples of Christian men and women and have provided countless lessons for me in my spiritual journey. This book is no exception. There is a series of these books that also includes Kingdom Men and Kingdom Family.
Not a large list I know. And certainly not exhaustive of everything I have read this year…but I said it was the ones I considered the best. My favs if you will. And it is. So there you go!
Ammie Senn