Thankfulness in a season of drought is a hard thing to conjure up.
When we think of being thankful, I feel most of us gravitate to those things that make us happy, bring us joy or give us peace. It’s only natural to do so.

Thankfulness when it’s hard

But what about when life is coming at you hard and fast and you feel like you cannot catch a break? What about when you are tired and worn from fighting the good fight? What about when you have lost everything you thought mattered in this world?
Are you still thankful?
Praising Jesus when everything is rosy is easy. Praising Him when the storm is raging. Well, that’s not something we are naturally wired to do.
To praise Him when everything looks bleak, is to find that deep joy and contentment He promises to us. The peace that passes all our understanding.
Doing that means you have to be close to Him. In His word on a regular basis to know His promises and to claim them as your own. Praying regularly, so you hear His voice and know it.
Fully resting on faith in Him.
Thankfulness in a season of drought makes the harvest time even richer!
Ammie Senn