“The reason we have divisions (race, class, etc.) is because we do not understand grace.” – Dr. Tony Evans
Divisions are created in every relationship due to misunderstandings, poor communication, stubbornness, unforgiveness, refusing to apologize, disrespect of others, or a feeling of superiority over others.
Oh, and by the way, this happens in the church too. In “religious” families.
It is no wonder we have a hard time influencing the culture, when we are so divided among those that are supposed to be the elect of God. Our actions and especially our words are often no different from the worlds…

“Psalm 109:17-18 – When you curse when you ought to bless you bring the curse back on you. The Bible is letting us know we need spiritual mouthwash.” – Dr. Tony Evans

The Word also tells us that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. (Luke 6:45, abbreviated)  So if my heart is full of anger, bitterness and spite, guess what is going to come out of my mouth? If I’m full of hurt, disappointment and sadness…full of shame…full of self-righteousness.

So this is my prayer today for myself and for all of us:

Lord let me be full of you…uproot any wickedness in my heart that is spewing out ugly words. Pluck out any weeds that are growing out of ungodly desires, thoughts or feelings.

Fill me with your Word…with your goodness and grace. Let my heart meditate on you, that I may speak only those things that are good, pure and uplifting for the edification of my fellow man.

And even when ugly words or attitudes are hurled at me, do not let me become bitter. Let those darts miss the mark, and bounce off. Protect me from those that would seek to do me harm with their words.

How do you need to use your words better? Are there any weeds that need to be plucked from your heart? Let’s talk about it so we can pray and lift one another up to freedom in Christ!
Ammie Senn