As I prepared to write this I realized I have had hope in everything but God lately.

I’m in a strange season right now where finding and understanding truth is hard. People say one thing and do another entirely. Relationships and jobs that felt rewarding and fulfilling and stable, feel ragged, faulty and sad. Our news is full of slander, murder and mayhem of all kinds.

Down in the valley

Sitting down and wallowing in the pit right now seems easier than trying to find a way to climb out. Giving up feels like winning…and I don’t want to win this way.

I won’t say things are impossible, for we know all things are possible with God, yet, I find myself extremely discouraged and my faith in people shaken.

My faith in this world shook hard years ago, and I do not believe I have ever gotten that back.

I need to hope in God

And just like that, as I read through others struggles on various blogs and social media I am reminded that part of my “shook” feeling is the fact that my hope was in something other than God.

There is no hope where there is no Jesus.  (Click to tweet!)

Ammie's Heart

No wonder I was feeling so disillusioned!  No one thing or person can provide the peace and joy that comes from being rooted in faith in Jesus Christ. When my eyes come off Him, they have no safe place to land. I get distracted by all the world offers and it is not long before I find myself falling.

Falling into comparison traps. Falling into lustful thoughts…greedy thoughts…selfish thoughts. Falling into fear.

My eyes MUST remain fixed on my Savior, otherwise I slide into sin. Sometimes even the things that seem the most innocent, even that seem good (and may be good) can become a trap that ensnares us.

Let It Go!

If it pulls you away from God, then you need to drop it like a hot potato! Or at the very least realign what it is with His word. Marriage, career, kids…all positive, good things. Blessings even.

Given the wrong priority though, they can become an idol…sin.  God is a jealous God and we are to place nothing above Him. I know for myself when I do I reap negative consequences as I described above.

Why? Why do I do this to myself? It’s definitely not worth the cost…Lord, help me stay fixed on YOU so I can enjoy the good things you give me, without making them idols that replace your presence in my life.

Can you relate to this? What are the “good things” that get in your way of time with God? What distractions pull you into the pit?

Know you are not alone…let’s commit to lifting one another up! We’re stronger together in Him!

Ammie's Heart
Ammie Senn