My life has literally been a roller coaster this year. It has been full of tears, fears, pain, heartbreak, distrust, trust regained, wounds, scars, and finally now…healing.

Hurt and Healing

If you are struggling today, give it to Him. Whatever healing you need, physical, mental or spiritual, He can handle it.
He can heal any wounds, any illness, any hurt. And he is much better equipped to battle than you are. Let His strength be your comfort.

Healing words

A verse that has been a constant companion this year has been Psalm 28:7. Psalms and Proverbs both are great places to start if you feel a need for comfort and wisdom.
So much comfort when your life is on the downward trend of your roller coaster ride.
My continued focus for this year is to keep my eyes on Him so that I will not stumble, fall, or be a stumbling block for someone else.
My biggest problem is and has been worry. When I forgot to give everything to Him, when I do not spend time in prayer and His word.
I find myself slipping back into a pattern of worry, fretfulness, easy to be angered, upset, thinking the worst in all situations, seeing things in a worse light than what they truly are.

Roller coaster of the Word

It is only when I begin to pray and read His word more diligently that I become centered and grounded again in the truth that He proclaims over us. The power of His love, grace and mercy.

That is a roller coaster I want to ride! Through the mountains and valleys, with God at my side, I experience peace, comfort and joy that cannot be moved.

My prayer:  God let my focus stay on you. Otherwise I will worry myself into a frenzy over something you have already defeated and won victory over.

If I can just remain focused on Him and not on my situation, everything becomes much calmer. More peaceful. Not fixed maybe, but hopeful at least. I leave you with this illustration…

Now arm yourselves with Biblical weapons to withstand any roller coaster ride!
Ammie Senn