My desire is to be a woman of God and not the world. I often get the two mixed up though.
I’ve been thinking a lot about God’s blessings to us and how, at least for me, I have taken many for granted lately.
It reminds me of James 3:10 – “Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing”.
Just as the Bible says, this should not be so. Yet it happens. Every day. Every week.
We get angry, we get offended, we get upset. And in anger and haste, words pour forth in a torrent. And we apologize. But are we forgiven? And do we truly forgive others when we are so attacked? I dare say we often do not, or we take our time about it.
It is often easy to find fault in what someone has done to us in the heat of the moment, yet if we stop, can we truly say we have always been good to them? Have we always been kind? Loving? Generous?
If you are struggling like me, will you stand with me and say so?
Ammie Senn