Christmas Past

Approaching the holiday season has caused me to have some reminiscent rambling going on in my head today.

I remember Christmases long ago as a youth visiting grandparents playing with cousins, on swings, in the fields. Fireworks, running around waving sparklers one in each hand, laughing!

Gift exchanges, the fun of buying presents. What would be in those packages?

Rummaging at the auction with granny picking out just the right thing for each grandchild. Or at Mamaw and Papaw’s opening Santa’s gifts Christmas morning.

A Strawberry Shortcake dollhouse, Easy Bake oven, Dukes of Hazard sleeping bag, Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbie dolls. Oh and Lego’s and Hot-wheels cars!

Part girly girl and part tom boy was I…


I remember decorating the tree, Mom stringing her reindeer lights. Sissy and I throwing on the icicles.

Daddy putting lights up outside making a tree design on the porch wall.
Lights on the bushes…wrapping presents and putting them under the tree.

I remember caroling with school friends door to door, running in the dark because we heard a dog bark!

I remember piling in the car…sissy, cousins, Mom, my aunt, visiting the Hardy Boys property with all its wonderful decorations and lights.

I remember watching Christmas cartoons in pajamas, Mom baking fruit cake, granny’s pound cake and dumplings and chocolate cake with layer upon layer upon layer!

Childhood Memories

I remember Christmas parties at school. Room moms bringing in treats – homemade, not store bought!

Construction paper and Popsicle ornaments, learning Jewish holiday traditions from my third grade teacher, practicing for the Christmas concerts.

So many fond childhood memories!

Though Christmas is still my very favorite time of year, one of the most fun and exciting times, it now holds a touch of sadness as I long to share memories with those who have passed.

Sadness in the sacred

Just to hear once again my daddy’s chuckle, my uncle’s deep laugh. To talk with grandparents, be teased by my “brother”. To run and laugh those carefree laughs.

Though family and friends are scattered far and wide those memories remain near.

And I remember and reminiscence…and smile through teary eyes.

Ammie Senn