There is peace in my heart when I think
of the lavish love of my Father.
Undeserving of such grace
He spilled all on the cross for me.

Do I really understand the depth, the breadth
this sacrifice so great?
Do I understand even one glimpse of
His mercy rolled up in that one act of death?

Yet peace still abounds in me
though I do not fully comprehend.

Childlike faith will sustain me in all things.
Little children trust the love and goodness
that flows from a parent.
How much more shall I trust my Lord?

Forgiveness is mine even when I fail at believing.
Is mine though I often worry and fret.
Is MINE, give GOD the GLORY!
He NEVER forgets.

So peace fills my being
sometimes gentle as a lamb,
other times in crashing waves overflowing
till I cannot contain the JOY it brings.

And I SHOUT in PRAISE to my Heavenly KING!

Ammie Senn