There has been a lot of talk about walls lately in the news. It’s made me think perhaps I need to stop building walls in my life.

There have been (and still are unfortunately) many times I have allowed the walls I have built to keep me from experiencing my life as God intended me to.

I built walls to hide

Under the guise of protection from heartache, drama, negativity of others. I  lose the casual and candid. The wonderful that comes out of what was intended to be wicked.

My experiences are not always as full and rich and rewarding as they could be. Because I am afraid, leery and distrustful of a world that shows us so much hate, bitterness and strife.

Too many times my introvert nature shrinks back from really connecting with others. I’ve been hurt one time too many. Used and discarded.

I don’t want to risk more pain.

Yet, I have found that the pain is where I grow the most. It is what pushes me to press into God.

Letting the walls fall

So I have to learn to let all of it in. To let light penetrate the walls….bit by bit…crack by crack.

To think of the pain as a pathway to pleasure. The journey to my joy. To remind myself that darkness only lasts for a period of time.

That nothing in my experiences will endure forever. God will though. He will hold me up, carry me over and see me through.

The real question then becomes what will I carry out of the experience? How will I let it change me to make me better, not bitter?

Your WALLS are Blocking Your EXPERIENCE Insta post

Ammie Senn