Returning to my first love…boy has that phrase meant several different things to me this year!

I am continuing this year in a season that I never would have thought I would find myself in. It has been and still is one of great struggle and pain. Of identity lost and found.

Through it all what has kept me afloat is His word. I just keep digging into the spiritual food I have been languishing for.  Years of undernourishment led me to a place where I had nowhere to go but up.

Going through the motions

Yes, I read my Bible on occasion. Went to church at Easter and Christmas. Listened to Christian radio. Read Christian books.

Feasting on the Word

They did not feed me like I needed to be fed though. It wasn’t the “daily bread” that would fill my soul. They were just small morsels, not the full feast.

God has prepared for us a feast! Did you know that? Yet many of us never eat from the table…we only get the leftovers and scraps that fall on the floor.

We are not pursuing our rightful place as His heirs.

If I could choose to be done with this season I am in I would have ended it months ago. Yet it is not my will but His. He has me on this journey for a purpose and a reason. I may not enjoy parts of it and I may question and even rail against it (yes, screaming, crying fits are okay…He can handle it), however, I am learning there is meaning in it. I am growing in it.

He is making me a daughter…a child of the King in new ways.

Matthew West “Child of the One True King”

Growing in Grace & Love

I am learning, really learning and taking it to heart for the first time, that I am not defined by my past mistakes, fears and failures. They do NOT hold me captive. HE has the FINAL word! I am so very glad!

In what I call a God-cidence, another daughter of the King, reminded me today that I am important and well loved just as I am. She reminded me that this season is one to grow in and return to my first love. It was as if she knew what I had been reading in my devotion time…it was confirmation that I was moving in the right direction – closer to Him!

Through purposeful Bible study you will learn more about your worth in Christ…your strength in Him…your calling.

Set aside intentional time to worship at His feet as Mary did.

Renewing your first love with Jesus brings joy and peace for every season. Here are some starting points for you to dig into the rich truths of God’s word and see just how valued you are: 

Ammie Senn