This poem is based on the account of the soldiers in Matthew 28:4-14. I end without the soldier asking forgiveness as we simply do not know if that took place, however, I feel at least one of them could have had the feelings and experience I have described here. Hope you enjoy it!
The Roman Soldier
The throng that day was fierce, yelling “Crucify, crucify”,
Just another day to me, just another man on a tree.
Who really knew if he was guilty or not?
Surely it did not matter, he was only a Jew.
And I was just doing my job, questioning why was not done.
Later I would lament over this, God’s son.
Assigned with two others to guard his grave,
From who or what was not known, again questions not asked.
When Pilate gave orders you simply performed the task.
What boredom we thought, what craziness we mused,
Why would anyone want to steal a body from this common man’s tomb?
Who could have imagined the events that would unfold so soon.
Sleep overcame as the monotonous assignment labored on,
Then, the third morning, like lightening it dawned!
Rumbling, grumbling, the Earth pitched to and fro,
Brilliance never before witnessed, power like nothing we’d seen,
Not a dream, the women witnessed the same sight,
We all stood as statues, such was our fright.
Assurance from this heavenly being that fear should be joy
Truth of who this commoner really was began to flood my soul.
Summoned by the chief priests now wishing we did not see,
Bribery put blood on my hands, how I wanted to flee!
Lies, all lies! We helped an innocent die!
God help me, what have I been part of, my plaintive cry.
Ammie Senn