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I am passionate and flawed. I am opinionated and empathetic. I am sensitive and yet I can be

hard-hearted at times. I am creative, yet not.

Like many of you, I am complicated.

I am Ammie Black. Wife. Fur-mom. Child of the King. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Co-worker.

Co-laborer for Christ.

I enjoy being outdoors, especially if I get to be on or near a body of water. I find water immensely


BUT, I also love being inside, curled up with a good book (usually non-fiction) and just read and

read and read all day.

I really love to cook, especially around the holidays. I enjoy pleasing people with food. And I love

the way it reminds me of family get-togethers when I was a kid.

I like to exercise. I enjoy Zumba, but my knees don’t so I had to stop. Working on finding

workouts that work for me now in this season.

Don’t ask me to draw anything, but I am very creative when it comes to putting together flower

arrangements, decorating for the holidays, creating graphics and cards and coloring books

(coming soon to the blog!) and I’m a creative writer. I have long enjoyed writing poetry and

songs. I love sharing stories in those ways.

I love connecting people to Jesus. These are some of the things I enjoy as part of my daily

walk to do that. How about you?

Ammie Senn