Why did I start a blog in the first place? Well, Ammie’s Heart was born out of my

original blog name, Everyday Confessions. Truth be told, I wanted to keep the

original, however, since I have been late to adopt many blog best practices,

I missed the boat on getting the domain for it.

So, I began to think about what it is I wanted to convey and share with my sisters in


What was the purpose in my writing?

And it is simply to share my heart.

To provide hope for those hurting in seasons I myself have walked through.

To give encouragement and tips for holding on to the Lord when you want to let go.

To pass on heart lessons I have learned in my faith journey. Through Bible study,

prayer and the input of other Godly women (and men) in my life.

Pastors, counselors and mentors who have held me up and held me accountable.

I want this to be a community where my heart connects with yours through our

Savior. Where you can find hope for the hurt places in your life. Motivation to keep

trusting God in the process.

I pray you will join me! I promise we will have fun!

Ammie Senn