Below are links to a series of videos I did last year based on Liz Curtis Higgs book Women of Easter.

This was my first attempt at a video Bible study series. It came about due to the COVID pandemic when I was leading a group of ladies in Bible study and we had to take it home.

I didn’t want us to lose touch with one another, or lose momentum in our study. So I made the decision to video the lessons.

These are by no means professional quality. However these lessons aren’t about me, or how I look, or the lighting.

They are about His word. They are illustrative of His love for His people. They are precious to me because they show His love and respect and honor towards women. These Women of Easter have so much to teach us!

I pray that in this Easter season you will be touched by them. That something in the Women of Easter will spark something in you to pursue your Lord Jesus even closer than before.

And above all to know that he sees you. That you are not forgotten by him. That you matter. You are, after all, why he died.

Video Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Happy Easter! For He is risen!!

Ammie Senn