I am, as Paul said “chief among sinners”. I am not perfect.  There, I said it.

I have done things I am not proud of. Said mean, hurtful things to loved ones just because I could. Embarrassed complete strangers because I thought it was my duty to point out their stupidity. Took delight in calling companies about their “bad drivers” that cut me off or otherwise offended me in some manner.

Lied to someone…right to their face. Lied because I wanted to fit in, lied because I didn’t want to be found out, lied because I couldn’t bring myself to be truthful. I’ve used ugly, foul language because I injured myself, got mad at someone or something maybe just didn’t go my way.

I’ve started good days in a bad mood simply because one little thing upset my morning.

No perfect people

Will anyone stand with me and admit they are imperfect too? Have I confessed anything we humans would consider a “big” sin? Maybe not, but my Savior does not “grade” sin. Sin. Is. Sin.

Did you get that? Not this behavior is a sin or that behavior is a sin. Not, “Well, I told some white lies, drank when I was underage, but those are not big things really. It’s not something I need to worry about.”

All sin is punishable by death, separates us from God, keeps us apart from heaven and on a course with hell.

You can change all of this and stand as I do. Cleansed and purified to stand justified before God. Chief among sinners can be your past title.

“I’m justified, because Jesus died. Now God will see my sin no more, I am justified just as I never….sinned.”  Thank you According to John for penning this lyric.

And most of all THANK YOU to my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ for his unspeakable gift.

Ammie Senn