Blind little children, played together all day
Didn’t know life should be any other way
Sharing toys, sharing giggles, sharing hugs too
Until one day they grew up in this mixed up zoo.

Eyes opened, don’t look at me, what did you just say?
You stay on your side, me on mine, wouldn’t have it any other way
Spewing insults, daggers thrown, blood will surely spill
Is it only me whose stomach turns, does this not make you ill?

For all of our advancements, for all that preach tolerance
Where is the love, where is the respect, instead we have a fence.
Divided we stand, united we fall, backwards and upside down
This isn’t the nation our forefathers designed, we look like clowns.

Hatred, violence, ugliness spreads over every layer
Rich, poor, high class and low, strangers and your neighbors
Red, yellow, black and white…wait, that’s a song,
“They are precious in his sight”, where did it go wrong?

Lincoln would surely cry bitterly at the spectacle we make
MLK I’m sure would feel it’s more than he could take
Civil War to end it all, “I have a dream” to carry on
Our Father in heaven weeps over us, angels sing sad songs.

Ammie Senn