Your eternity. Where will you spend it?

The question that comes to my mind is why do we make it so difficult? Why is the simple grace and truth of the Cross so hard for us to accept?

Humanity makes eternity hard

I think it is because we come at everything from a human perspective. We look at it through a tainted lens of sin and human depravity. Our feeble understanding demands a clean and pat answer.

But that isn’t how it works. That isn’t grace, that isn’t the love and forgiveness Jesus offers. Thank God!

Love and grace and forgiveness through God’s lens is so much bigger than we can grab hold of!

We cannot comprehend such extravagance. We will never fully grasp it this side of heaven. If accepting God is your choice, heaven is an assured destination.


You may think you are making a decision simply to not believe in any higher power, but please, dear friend, understand it is more than that. By choosing not to follow Jesus, you are choosing the path of Satan and hell.

I know this won’t sit well with many however, I wouldn’t be doing any of you a favor to sugarcoat this. God’s desire is that none will go to hell. It is our choice though. We must decide where we will spend eternity.

Evidence from a former atheist

God has made a path to Him available. Consider the story of Lee Strobel. He was an atheist bent on disproving the Bible.

Every avenue he turned down however just proved the truth of the Christ of the Cross over and over. When evidence from scientists and theologians the world over could not refute the Bible, what logical choice was left? The Christ of the cross is true!

Lee is now a leading teacher and thought leader on Christianity. Winner of several Gold Medallion award for his books The Case for Christ, The Case for Faith and The Case for a Creator. His life mission turned from turning people away from Christ to urging them towards Him!

You may say it is far-fetched…something only weak minded people need. I say it takes more faith to believe there is not a God than to believe there is.

Ammie Senn