Boston bombings. Texas fertilizer plant explosion. Earthquakes in Oklahoma. Worries over North Korea. Arguments over gun laws and immigration.

Remember the old Anne Murray song, “A Little Good News“? I do. Written by Charles Black, Rory Bourke, and Thomas Rocco in 1983, the song was a #1 for Murray on the country charts. I think the lyrics of this song still speak volumes today. Lines include references to fighting in the Middle East, stores being robbed, buildings being burned, and economic issues. Hostage situations, air pollution and division among well, everyone.

1983 sounds a lot like 2020, am I right?

When will America wake up and see that we need a return to values? A return to morals and ethical standards. A return to Biblical principles even.

Though I mention the Bible, I think any human can see that the minds of many are warped. There is a depravity running amok in this nation unlike anything we have experienced before. There is a hatred coming from extremists on both sides that is unleashing horror on our country…on states, cities, neighborhoods…families.

We seem to be more divided than we have ever been. I think Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. would be ashamed of us. Ours is not the United States they imagined. It is not the United States they fought for.

This is a great nation we live in and I am so proud to call The United States of America my home. However, I am saddened each day as I see parts of what made this nation great begin to crumble. This is no longer the nation our forefathers envisioned. However, I believe we can get it back. Enough of us just have to be willing to stand up and say it.

Ammie Senn