It is the season for love! Love should be an encouragement in our lives don’t you think? Not a contest, not a battle, but an encouragement to get through our days.

Love makes us happy

It should be the sunshine that lightens our pathways. It should be uplifting and life giving.

Our hearts should swell with positive energy for our loved ones.

So many cliche phrases surround love. Yet above all, I think we all long for love to make us happy.

We want that perfect person, perfect family, perfect friend to make us happy.

Except when it doesn’t

Not everyone has a good love story. Not every love story  is about passion and fireworks.

Unfortunately, love for some is the the fear that darkens the door. It is discouraging and life zapping. For some, the mention of a supposed love makes them cringe and shrink at the mention of their name.

Encouraging one another to love

In this season of love, I would like to bring stories of love from multiple angles to encourage and maybe even inspire you all to love more. Love deeper. Love well.

To learn that in loving others we can be very encouraging to them. L.O.V.E.  To me that is real love. That is the hands and feet of Jesus kind of love.

Over the next 14 days approaching Valentine’s Day  we will look at different types of love and how we can apply L.O.V.E.

Proverbs 10:12 – Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all sins.

Ammie Senn