Well friends, we are at the end of our 14 day L.O.V.E.; loving others; very encouraging blog series. I hope and pray everyone is having a wonderfully blessed Valentine’s Day!

To conclude, let’s look at 10 Reminder of L.O.V.E. that we have studied over the past two weeks:

  1. The LOVE of Jesus is the ultimate Valentine’s covering all of our needs!
  2. We can be fearless because of LOVE.
  3. Because Jesus died AND rose again, LOVE wins…no matter the situation.
  4. LOVE does not judge…it just loves…
  5. Marital LOVE is God’s design for a husband and wife to enjoy fully!
  6. LOVE is forever because God is forever.
  7. LOVE gives to others cheerfully!
  8. LOVE is for all of us…we all need His saving kind of love.
  9. God commands that husbands and wives LOVE well.
  10. LOVE requires us to give all we have as HE gave all He was for us!

My prayer is that through this study you are reminded just how much you are LOVED. And that L.O.V.E. is not always romantic.

Whether you have a special Valentine this year or not, someone, somewhere loves you very much. A parent. A sibling. A friend. A child…son, daughter, niece, nephew…neighborhood kid. Cousins. Grandparents, aunts, uncles…you get the picture.

You are loved and you are not alone!  Best of all God in heaven loves you and wants to be your forever Valentine. His love will never forsake you, never fail you and never leave you lonely.

If you do not know this love…please read Romans 10:9-10 and Romans 8. He loved you to death and back!

 Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mac Powell & Jamie Grace “Love Song”

Ammie Senn