I think we would all agree that love is not just for the rich. But do we always live like that? Are we guilty of marginalizing those who are not like us and thus in essence loving them less?

But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him?

Rich in things

Most of us are fortunate enough to have roofs over our heads, clothes on our backs and food on the table. We have multiple cars in our driveways or garages. We spend money on concerts, movies, and sporting events. We spend $4-$5 on a coffee.

I’m not saying these things are bad in and of themselves. I’m simply asking that we think about the opposite of this rich way of life.

Going without

There are many in our cities, towns, states…maybe even in your church…that are struggling with the basics.

They don’t know where the next meal will come from. Or even when it will come. They have no shelter. And not all of them chose this.

I have lived in and visited large cities where there are homeless on the corners or in doorways.

Where there are places that people avoid so that they do not have to see this side of humanity.

Rich in what matters

If we are professing to be Christians having the love of God in us, then why do we often struggle with showing that love to those less fortunate?

I have seen the sidelong glances at the outcasts in our streets, our churches. The “What are they doing in here” looks…the “Why don’t they get a job” looks.

Love is not just for the rich

Did you ever stop to think that with one change in your life that could be you?

Don’t Hold It Against Me

Along side streets, on corner roads,
I ply my wares, try to ease my load.
You walk right by with unseeing eyes,
Not caring how hard I work to get by.
You don’t see the humanity, only filth on the outside of me.
Rising at dark and lying down with the same,
I am a person with emotions, a heart, a name.
So next time I see you as you try to pass unaware,
Going on like there is no one there.
Look at me, I ask you, just once in your life,
Put yourself in my shoes and feel the strife.
I didn’t wind up here because I wanted to,
Don’t hold it against me,
Because I could be you.
                                 – Enjoy more original poems by Ammie in her book

Be rich by showing love

Next time someone who looks like they need new clothes, a shower, or food comes your way…do not be so quick to run the other direction.
Think about how you can help:
  • Can you go buy them a meal and bring it back to them?
  • Can you pack a backpack with toiletry items and a change of clothes or a blanket?
  • Can you contact someone who could better assist them?
  • Can you just take a moment and pray for them?
We sometimes feel we are lacking in so many things, yet we are so rich compared to some people in our communities. God did not offer His love just to the rich though. He sought out the meek, weak, pitiful and poor. So should we if we are to L.O.V.E. well.
Ammie Senn