It’s not comfortable to talk about mistakes that we’ve made in our lives.

Thinking about past mistakes can take us to a place that is very distressing, one that we wish we could forget.

Even the thief on the cross was ashamed in his moment of being forgiven. It is our humanity that makes it so.

Thankfully, on a very similar cross, our Lord and Savior took our shame when he took our sin.

So our biggest mistakes do not hold sway over us anymore. They cannot haunt us. Oh, Satan will taunt us with them, but friend, you don’t have to listen.

My biggest mistake

I’m honestly not sure I can point to one single thing as a big mistake in my life. What I think of, is a series of things, that given the chance I have thought many times that I would change.

Hindsight and Godly wisdom has shown me that to have changed those things though would be to change who I am today.

And while there are things that I would certainly improve, I am coming to really like who I am today.

Lessons in adversity

Lessons learned from my mistakes have been unpleasant processes. However, throughout the Bible, we see God use mistakes in people’s lives to bring about good works. Kingdom work.

It’s messy. It’s chaotic and drama filled. It’s painful.

Could God accomplish his work differently? Of course He could. But we would not grow in the same way if we did not go through the fire.

Diamonds. Pearls. Forged steel.

All go through types of adversity to reach the beautiful ending we all desire.

Lessons learned from my mistakes

3 Things I’ve learned from my mistakes

  1. Seek Godly counsel in trials, not popular culture. If the people we confide in approach problems with a worldview instead of a Biblical one, we will find ourselves spiraling deeper into an already troublesome situation.
  2. Act with patience. One thing I can definitively point to in every mistake I have made…acting rashly. Letting emotions control me. When we “listen to our heart” it will often lead us astray. Feelings fade, actions last. Be patient before making 5 minute decision that will affect the rest of your life.
  3. Admit your mistake quickly. Excusing your mistake or running from it by trying to cover it with a good story (let’s be honest, cover it with lies) will only exacerbate the issue. Take responsibility. Apologize where needed. Commit to better actions for the future.

Moving on from mistakes

Lessons learned from my mistakes are what has brought me to where I am now. Unfortunately, it may take others awhile to get past your mistakes. Perhaps some will always see you through that lens.

Take heart that your Father doesn’t.

God knows we will make mistakes. He is not surprised when we stumble. Trust Him with your sin and humble yourself before Him. He is waiting with forgiveness, grace, and mercy that will cover over all of it.

Ammie Senn