Have you ever considered how your faith can impact your views on your weight?
A friend recently said to me “I’m not fat, I’m frustrated.” Wow, I thought! How much truth packed into those 4 little words.
I mean obviously, for most of us with weight issues, overeating is the culprit. But…what is the real cause?

Where did your weight issues start?

Most women are emotional eaters. Stress. Anger. Sadness. Loneliness. Boredom. Excitement. Celebration. We eat for all of it!
We might not verbalize it, or even consciously acknowledge it, but we are seeking to fill a hole in us. A gap. An emptiness.
Even in the happy moments, there is something in us crying out for more. And we turn to food as the answer. What a pitiful pit filler!

How your faith impacts your views

No thing will ever be able to fill that void inside except God…because it is a God-shaped hole.
So next time you feel the urge to reach for a cupcake, a cookie or candy, reach instead for the word of God. Open your mouth to cry out to your Savior and ask Him to fill you in the way only He can.
Be satisfied with the meat of scripture and the fruit if the spirit. You can and will overcome any food fixation or addiction or absentminded eating with His power.

Overcoming weight struggles

Learning to let God work in overcoming food issues is not easy. It has been a lifelong journey for me.

I still stumble in this area, but I find when I do it is because I took my focus off of God.

Faith and your views on weight

When I do that, reaching for the sugar high assuages the problems. For a MOMENT. It is never a permanent fix and often causes shame and guilt afterwards.

Digging into God’s word is the only way to fight the temptations that come. This is true of any area you struggle with in your faith.

I know He is able to bring freedom for it all though and set my faith on the right path to positively impact my views on my weight. He changes my heart.

And that is the most important par of my body that needs to change in order to live victorious.

Ammie Senn